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Work in Progress
Typeface Design

        Enigma originated in the midst of my quarantine where I noticed a strange juxtaposition of positive and negative emotions arising during a time of overwhelming discomfort. Given the time I had found, I started cooking again (quiche specifically), taking walks, and regularly assessing my well-being and losses. I made a typeface that expresses the beautiful tug of war between this grief and joy and—unintentionally—the food I’ve been eating.

An enigma is defined as “a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand.” What a perfect word to describe what this year has felt like. Puzzling. Difficult to understand. Obscure. Uncertain. A complete mystery. I found myself and others all confined to our small spaces (ink traps) and curling into our discomforts (slightly angled terminals). Feeling good one day and not the next.

Enigma seeks to visualize the difficult, boring things beneath the playful goodness of life as I know it—A homage to my quarantine, my lack of motivation, and my misplaced desire to confine to isolation.