Makayla Lovrak

I am a designer whose beauty-seeking, analytical design practice gathers at the intersection of form
and function where expressions of creativity, problem solving, and thought focus heavily on type, it’s relationship to a page, and it’s ability to solicit reply.

By drawing attention to things that others may overlook and leading with my point of view, I try my best to depict empathy and compassion towards the people I design for.

I’m interested in the ethics of design, finding ways to better serve people through research to find more thoughtful solutions, and focusing on topics that
spark communal discourse.


IKEA Catalog Set

My first website is meant to be an experience into IKEA’s catalog covers spanning from 1960-2000 to index their evolvement, similarities, and distinctions, and, in doing so, celebrate design history.

Each page is marked with its own unique color to signify the time period. It’s modularity nods to traditional printed page layout and further emphasizes that the same principals used for print can be translated onto the web. The scrolling is smooth and comfortable, like the feeling of turning a glossy catalog page.

Click ︎ HERE to experience the website*

*Please excuse the sites differences on the server with my documentation of it for it shifts a bit (for the better in all honesty) compared to my personal preview on my own computer.

Winter 2020            HTML, CSS, Web Design