Makayla Lovrak

︎︎︎ Designer


I’m currently a full-time mid-level designer at Instrument on a *magical* team dedicated to carrying out a variety of projects for Google and other Alphabet companies. It’s here that I enjoy utilizing and building design systems, collaborating across disciplines, and communicating thoughtful design decisions.

In my personal practice (that is dormant these days) I’m interested in experiments where digital and analog design processes come together to form unexpected harmonies. Most of the time this looks like goofy Seinfeld episode posters.





︎︎︎ @makaylalovrak
︎︎︎ @m.___l0u1s3


A typeface meant to revive and evoke the charismatic charm of the ‘80s.

New Normals
A retrospective attempt to make sense of the year twenty-twenty.

Now in Android
Open-source and multi-device sample application for

Brand identity for a sense of grounding and peace in a time of chaos and uncertainty.

This issue of PSUGD’s Annex zine served to dive deep into the various meanings of space.

Being Graphic
3-color offset-printed newspaper publication indexing Portland State University’s Graphic Design program.

Seinfeld (posters)

Fun (misc.)

Take care