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Being Graphic 

October 2019-August 2020
Art Direction, Publication Design, Project Management

       PSUGD is an exciting place to be. It is where students come to learn, feel known and supported, and part of not just a nationally recognized design program, but something bigger—a community of makers that are there for one another. PSUGD was in need of a holistic piece of print that would uphold the program and last for years to come and Being Graphic made sure that happened.





Sean Schumacher
Kate Bingaman-Burt
Kathleen Barnett

Makayla Lovrak

Seth De Armas (Asst. AD)
Brittney Habel
Trudy Chin

Clare Q. Davidovich

Being Graphic is a 3-color offset-printed newspaper publication that is designed to communicate what’s happening in Portland State University’s graphic design (PSUGD) program, produced during my time in A+D Projects. It is designed by graphic design students for graphic design students—more importantly for those interested in learning more about the program and potentially joining it.
        As art director and editor for this issue, I worked with a team of four designers for 10 months to find and present compelling content that would help the program stand out. We aimed to present an experimental, informational, and sustainable story that would age well and stay relevant for years to come.

Through what felt like rounds and rounds of meaningless iterations and many hiccups along the way, we were able to reach better solutions and our most honest attempt at expressing the feeling of being at PSUGD. What was once a dull and incomplete “final draft” in December 2019 has unfolded into an unexpected and celebrated piece of the programs legacy.

Photos courtesy of Carla Juliett