Makayla Lovrak

I am a designer whose beauty-seeking, analytical design practice gathers at the intersection of form
and function where expressions of creativity, problem solving, and thought focus heavily on type, it’s relationship to a page, and it’s ability to solicit reply.

By drawing attention to things that others may overlook and leading with my point of view, I try my best to depict empathy and compassion towards the people I design for.

I’m interested in the ethics of design, finding ways to better serve people through research to find more thoughtful solutions, and focusing on topics that
spark communal discourse.



Inspired by the general anatomy of Apple Garamond, Sabon, and Hoefler Text, I created a display typeface that stands up to body well. As time went on, the typeface acquired unique characteristics and developed a personality of its own. I hope to see it being printed, used in books, on posters, on screen, and in experimental type compositions.

She's not perfect at all. She isn't kerned that well. There's still so many inconsistencies I see. But, she will always be my first typeface. She'll always remind of how far I've come and how far I will go. "You can make a typeface!" she taught me. And look. I did it.

See an interactive poster I made using Marge, SVG HTML, and CSS animation ︎ HERE

March 2020            Typeface Design