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New Normals

Summer 2020
Page Layout, Writing, Photography

         For weeks of a quarantine I and no one ever saw coming, I found myself saying to myself “I want things to go back to normal.” In a retrospective attempt to make sense of this life I currently see myself living in, I made New Normals to address my emotional health and process the “new normals” I was becoming aware of and thankful for.

It is by all means a personal project that seeks to find truth in the midst of loss, confusion, and solitude. It’s not supposed to make a lot of sense, some type is oriented so it’s purposefully hard to read, and it’s all in my point of view. Though it’s subjective and candid, I know people can find great comfort from the moments they may resonate with.

A smooth paper stock that had been confined to a drawer for a time took a journey through my inkjet printer and was later trimmed, folded, and carefully hand sewed by me. I wanted it to be a tactile experience seeing as life has been lacking in those. I hope to utilize similar page layout conventions and physical craft in expressing complex emotions and internal processes that are easier shown than said.

“We are all learning together and we’re learning to give each other the space we need to be human—allowing ourselves to not know what comes next.”